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Classic Drag Racing 

These multi-camera full length programs are produced with broadcast quality gear,  condensing dozens of hours of raw footage into high-powered programs that give you the best seat in the house!



World Street Nationals - Orlando, Florida

The World Street Nationals, the most outrageous clash of street driveable musclecars on the planet, is held annually at Orlando Speed World, Florida.  Now returning with a new look, new track owners, and a whole new group of racers

Street Car Super Nationals - Las Vegas & St. Louis

It's East vs West in a now legendary series hosted at the beautiful Las Vegas "Strip".  Records are constantly broken, and drivers push past the limits of their cars.  


Street Car Outlaw Shootouts - USA  

Powerhouse has covered hot street car battles all over the country, like Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Lousiana, California, Arizona, and many more!

Pacific Street Car Association DVDs

PSCA Pacific Street Car Association

For the wildest heads-up street car shoot-outs in the West don't go to Tombstone, just look for the next PSCA event.

Shakedown at E-Town

New Jersey plays host to a wild clash of Outlaw 10.5 and Pro-Outlaw street cars and Street bike Outlaws, driver sanity optional.

Nostalgia Drag Racing

If you like front-motored nitro dragsters- or Willys Coupes, or Super Stockers, or even classic funny cars, these shows will hit the spot!

Canadian Streetcar Nationals DVD

Canadian Street Car Shootouts

The best street car doorslammers meet in the Great White North to make a statement...Canada has fast cars!

Musclecars Plus Video Magazine

This series of programs hits the streets of America (and more) to see muscle cars where they run daily.  Cruise spots, street racing, car shows, car features, and more cool stuff in every issue

GM Nationals- St. Louis 
The beginnig of the pro-street movement... these show the evolution of the sport.   These are NOT only GM cars!! All brands were welcome, (GM=Gateway Motorsports). Mustangs,

Racing T Shirts and other Cool Stuff...

In our travels we sometimes  pick up a couple of extra items if we feel our friends would be interested...here they are!

VHS Bargain Corner     GOT ?

CLASSIC T Shirts, etc. We found a treasure trove stuff in the back room... now listed for sale in our "OTHER NEAT GOODIES" pages!   

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We have many videos that have never been seen before, great stuff that didn't make the main programs and it deserves to be seen.  

Full Qualifying rounds from major events,  outtakes from the pits, driver and fan interviews, and more!   We will link to them here, so visit again soon!  

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