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World Street Nationals #16 (2008) DVD

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The 16th Annual World Street Nationals (2008) at  Orlando Speed World continues a tradition of ultimate street car action!    Hundreds of the quickest street cars in the world battling all-out to prove to the competition who is really the fastest. Bring your best and hope it's enough, and try and stay away from the those concrete guard walls! (quite a few didn't !   I'm really going to miss her...the painting on the hood that went BOOM\) 

Side by side 6-second battles in Outlaw 10.5 over 200 MPH !!!

FIVE full rounds of qualifying action , and Monday's tough elimination round action from multiple camera angles gives you the best seat in the house. Four awesome classes: Super Pro Street, Outlaw 10.5 tire, Heavy Street, and Radial tire. Mother Nature messed things up a bit, but these cars put on a show and a half!