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Individual Item List > World Street Nationals #4 Volume 1 (1996) DVD
World Street Nationals #4 Volume 1 (1996) DVD

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Volume 1        SUPER PRO-STREET,        PRO-STREET D.O.T. TIRE

The WORLD STREETNATIONALS in Orlando, Florida, the fourth year of epic proportions...street drivable seven second monsters going for over $60,000 in prize money in the most exciting heads-up racing you will ever see,  This event is so big we had to make two tapes just to cover it all !  (The other volume #2 includes Pure Street, and Outlaw 10." Tire cars.)   

     This volume covers the qualifying, cruise, and ALL eliminations of the 1996 event, 90 minutes of  Pro-Street D.O.T. Tire and  incredible Super-Pro Street big-tire action... record setting 200 MPH quarter mile runs,  low 7 second side by side showdowns in every round.  

And how about that surprise ending?!!!   

Rick Dyer, Mike Moran, John Shelpi, and Tony Christian are among the best to return to ORLANDO SPEED WORLD.  I feel sorry for those who missed it.  Are you going next year?