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Individual Item List > Orlando World Street Finals #3 (1995) DVD
Orlando World Street Finals #3 (1995) DVD

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Experience the Power...  and the violent confrontation of the hottest Pro-Street forepower on the planet in the 1995 World Street Finals from Orlando Speed World.  

Watch as the Americans lace up their gloves and square off against some of the baddest of the bad street driven competitors from Europe.   This is full throttle action including thrashing in the pits, up close on the starting line, thru to the finish line.    The sweat and tension of raw heads-up World Title Competition, a fully armed battle with nitrous, blowers, monster cubes, and raw horsepower.

Featuring Annette Summer, Rick Dyer, Monty Williams, Billy Edwards, Jari Panuma, Michael Guliquist, Hans Kneuters, Spiro Pappas, Landon Jordan, Ricky Carlos, and many more!

126 Minutes.