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Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout > Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout #1 DVD
Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout #1 DVD

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It's hot... it's July...  and there's no snow in sight, infact the town of Grand Bend looks alot like Southern California!  

Beautiful beaches, a quaint resort and party town, and of course a dragstrip with plenty of action just three miles from the beach!     Pro-Street, Outlaw 10.5" tire, and many other classes are covered in this Canadian hosted event, with many "visitors" from the states to hold up their colors.   

Add some extras, like a duel between two long time street car rivals, and another pairing with a classic nostalgia super stocker (with some modern horsepower extras) going up against a pro-modified minivan!
July , 2004

  Length: Two hours    Single DVD Disk