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Canadian Street Car Nationals 2010

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 Over 2 and 1/2 hours of rubber-burning nitrous-purging speed machines battling for their share of over  $80,000 in prizes  and contingencies. The fastest cars of the "Great White North" battling  the American challengers in the  Canadian Streetcar Nationals 2010, the biggest showdown North of the border.  Classes include Pro Mod, Super Street, EZ Street, Pro-Stock,  Pro-Comp, Open Comp,  and a strong field of  indexed street drivable cars.

Saturday Night is the perfect time for a *street car only* heads-up shootout- complete with license plates, pink slip, working lights, horn, and DOT street tires, with NO sponsor stickers or lexan windows! Winner takes the cash and the bragging rights as *King of the Street 2010*.   The "Voice of Pro-Street"  AL TUCCI  handles the race call from the tower.   


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