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Fat Tuesday-Mardi Gras at the Dragstrip DVD

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Take over 10,000 people to a dragstrip on a Tuesday in the deep south of Mississippi and what do you have?...

One helluva party! Heads-up street car wheels up action all day long! First a pro-mod taps the guardrail, then a street tire Mustang takes on a guardrail at 160 MPH... WHOOOA horsie!

That's just the beginning of a day full of fun, with classes like 10.5 "W" Outlaw, Straight 10.5, Stock Suspension, Big Tire Unlimited, and even Motorcycles. Over 2 hours and 20 minutes of mayhem.

And after dark... the loonies come out! Street racers take over the starting line and the bets are on! And don't forget about the little visits from the jet cars and Bob Motz's jet powered Kenworth Semi. And all hail... the announcer of announcers... AL TUCCI.