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Street Car Outlaw Shootouts > Shakedown At E-Town #1 - DVD
Shakedown At E-Town #1  - DVD

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The heavy hitters in the East Coast scene gather in this third annual gathering of street car warriors. Heads-up classes include 10.5" tire Street Outlaws, the big tire Pro-Outlaws, and even an street-tired 60" wheelbase Outlaw Street Bike class. And just for fun, there are plenty of No-Time Street entries that have wisely taken their act to the track where they can bounce off the guardrails without smacking into the general public.

Awesome wheelstands, record runs, and a whole lotta horsepower shake the New Jersey boondocks. Drivers appearing include David Hanze, Vinnie Budano, Ben Hopco, Brian Ferrari, Richard Sexton, and the record setting Turbo Mustang of Tim Lynch. Over 50 cars showed up for the 10.5 class alone! The "Voice of Pro-Street" Al Tucci brings his unique style of announcing to Englishtown, New Jersey's Raceway Park tower for the elimination rounds