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NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion 1 -Bowling Green, KY

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Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky was a perfect spot to bring thousands of old classic rides and hot rods for a clash on the quartermile.

This 4th annual Hot Rod Reunion event held in 2006 was produced by the Wally Parks NHRA Museum based in Pomona Califormia, and they did a great job in bringing out everything from old Willys gassers to Model A Altered Roadsters, Nostalgia Super Stockers, and classic front-motored Top Fuel rails.

And don't forget "Cackelfest" where all the old favorite nitro dragsters and funny cars are pulled to the center of the track and all started at once!

Over 2 hours of action with all motors and no announcers