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Got VHS? > World Street Nationals #7 Volume 1 (1999) VHS
World Street Nationals #7 Volume 1 (1999)  VHS

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Volume 1 Super Pro-Street,  Pro-Street D.O.T.                     (Single VHS Tape)

    The Orlando "Real World Street Nationals" is the grand-daddy of all the fastest street car shootouts.  This volume covers the 1999 Super Pro-Street and Pro-Street D.O.T. Tire classes with the Cruise at Race Rock, qualifying highlights, and ALL elimination  rounds !  
    Rubber burning, guardrail banging, nitrous purging, fire breathing street legal musclecars battle it out for their share of over $60,000 in prize money.  See the biggest names in pro-street, including "Hurricane" Tony Christian, Mike Moran, "Popeye" Pat Musi, Randy Adler's A-Team, California's Danny Rohe, Canadian Ricky Carlos,  and dozens more !
    The unmistakable and infamous "Voice of  Pro-Street" AL TUCCI calls the race from the tower...  so grab the deadwood in the bleachers, and light the hunk of rubber in the ashtray next to the TV, cause you're going street car racing at the  ORLANDO WORLD STREET NATIONALS !

Length: 110 Minutes